Colin and Aigul

Colin and Aigul

This couple, Colin and Aigul, were a joy to work with, but I must say they had help and support on this side of Europe. Ellen, Colin’s sister, played a magnificent role in the planning and preparation for the Irish wedding. Yes, they managed to get married twice in a week, in two different countries, oh wait ,on two separate continents and they even managed to bring most of the bridal party from Kazakhstan.

The ceremony was very personal, Colin wanted Aigul and her family to realise just how much they were welcome to his family. It was hard for Aigul as her mother could not be present, but she was surrounded by love. Her brother, her best friends and even a surprise guest were present to witness the Irish leg of the union.

Both the bride and groom put a lot of thought and planning into the ceremony, this was reflected on the day as their guests were amazed by how personal the ceremony was and how much of their personality shone through. A few weeks after the ceremony I received the following message on the  I do Marry U Facebook account.

From the moment we met Kathy through to our wedding day, Kathy was brilliant. Her enthusiasm, efforts, and attention to detail were well above anything we could have expected. From the outset, we were very comfortable with Kathy and she helped us to create the atmosphere we hoped for at our ceremony. We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Kathy to help you to create your Special Day.                                                                                                    Colin & Aigul.

For me, I witnessed the bringing together of two people who truly loved each other. It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of their day.

Let your wedding be your way. Make sure that you have all that you want in your wedding ceremony. Do not settle. It is your day.

Long life, love and happiness for Colin and Aigul. x k

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