Picking the music for your wedding is really important, and often may be an afterthought for some couples. Remember music sets the scene, creates the atmosphere and harnesses sentiment that allow emotions to flow. It should be an expression of what you want to say and be complementary to the ambience you want to create.

There are many places to have music throughout your ceremony, but by far the most important pieces are the ones that bring you up the aisle to your loved one, and of course the recessional offering.

For my wedding day I could not have chosen more wisely. One of my most amazing friends, Shelly de Burca (Shelly Music), and one of my fantastic sons (Jason) sang me up the aisle, down the aisle, and provided the first dance. Having special people involved in the heart of your ceremony will, of course, make it very special, but the professional attitude was the crux for me. It is really important that your musician, or those in charge of your music, are as vested in getting right as you are.

I would be delighted for you get in touch with me if you are struggling regarding music or the atmosphere you want to create. I know the people like Shelly would be only delighted to help you set the atmosphere for your special day.

Please listen to Shelly and her version of Ava Maria here. This was my father’s favourite song and I am happy to say Shelly has such emotion and warmth to her voice that she has reduced me to tears so many times, the sign of a true artist. You can also here a rendition of her songs here or just contact me and I will put you in touch. I just have to leave you with this one because it shows the emotion she can bring to your ceremony.

For those who are looking for an Irish theme to their ceremony, or even drinks reception, I cannot recommend Uilleann Ceoil highly enough. They are a lively group, guaranteed to entertain. Thier musicality is flawless and they add atmosphere and warmth to all occasions. You can follow them on facebook and check out their YouTube promo here.