I do Marry U is a wedding celebrant service that is centered on YOUR wishes. We design and deliver custom wedding ceremonies based on your dreams and desires, to make sure you have the ceremony that you always dreamed of. We welcome all your questions and look forward to being able to provide you with the information you need, so please get in touch and make your dream wedding a reality.

Weddings are about choice, we do not believe that you should be restricted by your choice of venue, the content of your wedding ceremony or even the time of day at which you want to be married. This is a personal and personalised service that guarantees YOUR wedding ceremony YOUR way.

Your celebrants are IIOC accredited celebrants. Kathy was awarded the grade of distinction in her accreditation by the Irish Institute of Celebrants (IIOC) in 2016. Linda also received a distinction graduating top of her class in 2018. Both Kathy and Linda are looking forward to meeting couples from Ireland and across the water and working with them to craft their perfect ceremony.

You can read more about Kathy and Linda here and see what inspired them to become celebrants here.

I do Marry U may strike you as a bit of a strange name for a wedding celebrant service, but we really wanted to convey the message that this is a service that is directed by the couples who wish to engage a personal service. It is as traditional as you want it to be (the ‘I do’ bit, referring to the traditional vows) and yet up to date (in the use of text speak ‘U’). U is a capital because you are the most important part of the creation of your ceremony.

Choosing how you are going to publicly proclaim your love is an exciting time and it is important that you get it right, and that means right for you. This is different for everyone so please make sure that you and your partners’ wishes are front and centre.

If you are getting married in Ireland, then you must conform to Irish Law. For a marriage to be legal here, it must be officiated by a Registrar of Marriage and can only take place in a licensed building. You must give at least three months’ notice of intention to wed and you must do so with the HSE. For more information on the legalities please click here.

If you chose to have a wedding ceremony in addition to the legal civil registrar service you can have your ceremony, with all of your guests, where ever you chose to (this is where I come in). You can get married on the side of a mountain, in a woods, a pub, club or boat, even a castle or hotel, the choice is yours. Just remember I cannot guarantee the weather-it is Ireland after all!

Remember, it should be your wedding your way. The freedom of venue extends to freedom of dress and ceremony enhancements. It is about you as a couple and the celebration of your love.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or queries, it is really important to me that you have YOUR wedding YOUR way. I am always open to engaging with you-it costs nothing to talk!